Southern Women for Southern Heritage was formed In response to the attacks on Confederate heritage by leftist groups, the educational establishment, some local governments, and members of hostile media groups.

Our major area of concern and activity is the defense and  promotion of Southern history and heritage, with emphasis on the Confederacy, the War for Southern Independence and its aftermath. 

We also address other crucial issues of our day -- the culture war on the family, religion, tradition and the sabotage of our cultural institutions for detrimental purposes. 

We have come together in this group to network and exchange ideas, to concentrate and amplify our voices and make our message heard, and to lend support to the efforts of existing proSouthern groups working toward the same goals.

We are Christians and traditionalists, wives, mothers and grandmothers, employees and retirees. SWSH was founded in 2002 by two women in west Florida in response to attacks on Confederate heritage in Escambia and Walton Counties. 

Because these were merely a part of the war on Confederate history occurring at the time, the founders saw the necessity of an Internet-based group whose members might live anywhere in the USA, or outside it where the Internet was available at the time.

The organization was allowed to go dormant after the Florida ssues were addressed, although members continued to support Southern heritage and broader conservative issues individually.

With renewed attacks on Confederate artifacts, particularly flags and monuments, due to a fabricated connection to the tragic shooting in Charleston, SC in 2015, it has become clear that the women of SWSH need to not only reactivate the organization but to grow it, and to do our part to save and strengthen our heritage.

(Specific organizational information, address, contact persons, etc., will be added soon.)

We believe ...
... in the sanctity of human life, and that life begins at conception.
... in the separation of school and state.
... that, for women, family and home trumps jobs and careers.
... in limited government based on Christian principles.
... in the right to bear arms, as established in the Second Amendment.
... in freedom of association.
... in the private ownership of property.

... that our Confederate forebears were fighting to protect home, family and community from an army of invasion, and for independence for their new country, and ...
... that they deserve our remembrance and respect ... 

We State ...
... and that we will defend them from attacks and falsehoods whether they come those misguided by Victor Fables, or those who know the truth but choose to lie about us and ours...

The women of SWSH are already engaged in activities to defend, strengthen and promote Confederate history and heritage, as that is a requiarement for membership. They may be members of another organization, such as  United Daughters of the Confederacy, Order of the Confederate Rose, the Virginia Flaggers or other flagger groups, activisim groups such as Save Southern Heritage Florida, local historical preservation groups, civil war study groups and re-enacting groups.

Women who are not members of any history or heritage organizations, but who are actively working any of several proSouthernern areas, may also qualify for membership in SWSH.  "Actively working" includes activities and involvement such as writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper, distributing literature, lobbying your elected officials, working on or attending proSouthern events and demonstrations, or being a "keyboard warrior" on the Internet.

Additionally, SWSH plans to fill a niche not currently being addressed (and which will be complimentary to activities by other heritage organisations) --  that of expressing, publicly and formally via press releases, the Southern woman's view of current events which affect issues important to her. This will also have the benefit of increasing the number of voices raised in defense of our region and its beleagured culture.

Information on joining SWSH will appear in this section soon. Check back!

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